I would like to draw everybody’s attention that at
advertising in Facebook groups you post your ad for
your own responsibility, and you have to know if
your ad meets the requirements and legal conditions
of the certain country!

Selling dogs, cats and other live animals
Selling deer antlers or other animal body parts!
Content for compromising and abusing other people
Selling drugs, alcohol, tobacco products!
Selling firearm
Self destruction, violence, rabble-rousing
Politics, demonstration
Pornographic content, sex ad, sex work
abusing with other people’s copyrights
Online and real work ad which doesn’t have enough
real information!

At first, we would show what we support generally
and what we don’t. In every group we support
cultured ads, posts, based on the type of group. We
support to start cultured talking, selling object based
on the type of group, cultured comments and public
expression of opinion too. We also support friends’
invitation to the groups, building our community.

General guidelines of Facebook regarding ads and
posts should be kept everywhere, you can read it
here: Community Guidelines

What else we don’t tolerate and don’t support:

  • Virus marketing and sharing, uploading to groups
    (for virus you will be banned immediately!)
  • we don’t support sharing foreign, not „Active Online
    Advertisements” – groups, group links. Use groups
    for advertising, making posts, not recruiting
    members to foreign groups! Sharing another group
    or page is possible only after discussing it with an
  • we also don’t support to publish web ads either,
    upload the picture, the video, or share a post from
    Facebook page. But if you would like to advertise a
    website (or from web), discuss it with the admin of
    the certain group, it’s possible after discussing for
    our clients.
  • We don’t support selling products which are
    banned or come from a crime, or illegal (firearm,
    munition, drug and so on).

If you read all until here, and you feel these rules
can be accepted and kept, I suggest you to join
other „Active Online Advertisements” groups at the
links below, according to your interest. Feel good in
them, participate actively in building our community,
and taking the opportunities increase your income.


(business partner, estate agent and job too)